The team

Image1Corinne, , neoSensuelle’s founder, worked 25 years with women in cosmetics, with cosmetic textiles, especially regarding the evaluation of the efficacy of the skin products. At that time, she did hear all about their desires, their needs, their workarounds, their disappointments, their satisfactions.

        At 47, Corinne embarked on this project: creating lingerie that would adapt to the changes of the women’s bodies following surgery while allowing these same women to rediscover first the pleasure of wearing underwear and then the pleasure of feeling and being pretty and feminine.

To create a beautiful product, Corinne surrounded herself with people that are recognized in the field, that have tremendous expertise and skills and that are strongly motivated by the neoSensuelle’s cause.


s ylvie ITHZAC, 25-year experienced stylist and designer in lingerie, corsetry and swimwear for women and men, Sylvie played a key role in implementing the neoSensuelle’s model specifically thought for you.

Image3océane CARREE , 3rd year of Marketing Master Degree in Paris, neoSensuelle’s communication intern, she had worked on every communication news, on the press kit and is actively managing the social media community.