The brand

NeoSensuelle: a name with a story 

Is it possible to buy underwear that makes you feel beautiful ? Such idea came to Corinne while she was thinking of all the women with breast cancer that underwent breast surgery either by choice or by obligation.

logo et rond

How can we help these women, despite their altered bodies to feel like a woman again? This becomes her ultimate goal.

Soon after the Pink October campaign, Corinne began researching the current underwear scene to see the solutions that could be available for these women. These researches confirm her goal and Corinne decides to jump and embrace ‘THE’ adventure in November 2014. The ‘Salon de la Lingerie de Paris’ provided Corinne with the ultimate spark!

In May 2015, the first neoSensuelle underwear model ‘Magie de lingerie’ was born through the pairing of textiles, ribbons, accessories and the skilled fingers of a stylist. The neoSensuelle concept is to create underwear that provide support and a soft body embrace while highlighting the femininity. For neoSensuelle, being comfortable does not mean plain nor simple, it means flexible. Use your underwear any way you want! ‘Magie de lingerie’ is combining the sweetness of Italian cotton lining, the robustness of German shoulder traps and the elegance of the French fabric. Take control of your body by wearing ‘Magie de lingerie’ with or without reinforcements.

be beautiful and appreciate yourself.